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Michael's practice involves all aspects of family law with a focus on matters with complex financial and property issues. Prior to forming MAK Family Law LLP, Michael honed his litigation, negotiation and dispute resolution skills while practising commercial litigation and insolvency law at a full-service firm in Toronto.

Michael regularly appears at all levels of Court in Ontario and has been involved in proceedings before the Supreme Court of Canada. In addition to his family law practice, Michael maintains a general commercial litigation practice, concentrated on debtor/creditor and insolvency matters. He is particularly interested in cases where those areas of law intersect with family law and his experience makes him uniquely qualified to deal with them. While in law school at the University of Western Ontario, Michael was a member of the Family Law Project – a program where law students assist self-represented family law litigants at Court. He was awarded for outstanding contribution to the program. Michael also co-founded a successful advocacy competition, which has seen hundreds of law students compete over the years.



For most people, the breakdown of a marriage is made more difficult by the uncertainty which it creates. Parties are often unaware of their legal entitlements or obligations. They may have little knowledge of the process options available for resolving the issues which arise on marriage breakdown. Most need assistance in navigating this unfamiliar territory and in reaching agreement on some or all of custody/parenting, child support, spousal support and equalization of property.

In our initial consultation, we will review with you the many process options now available. Together we will decide which of the process options seems to be the best "fit" for your family situation and desired outcome.


Should you and your spouse agree to use the services of a mediator, we will provide you with a referral, assist you in the completion of your financial statement and act as your advisor or consultant through the mediation process. Once you have reached agreement on all issues, we will meet with you to review the draft Separation Agreement and make sure that you fully understand all of its terms.

Collaborative Law

You and your spouse may agree to commit to the collaborative law process. In that event, we will work together with you, your spouse and his or her collaborative lawyer through a series of meetings to exchange financial disclosure, generate options for resolution and draft the terms of a final Separation Agreement.


Neither of these two options may be well suited to your unique situation. In that event, conventional negotiations generally commence with an exchange of correspondence between counsel for each party. Negotiations follow after the exchange of financial disclosure and may involve the exchange of offers to settle or four way settlement meetings. Again, the goal is agreement on all issues and the documentation of that agreement in a final Separation Agreement.


In some cases, you may have no option but to seek the assistance of the Court to resolve some or all of the issues arising from the breakdown of your marriage. In that case, we will draft the necessary documents and work with you to prepare your financial statement. we will attend all required conferences before the court with you and advocate for you in all court proceedings.

Generally, we will work with you to ensure that you successfully navigate this unfamiliar territory in a financially and emotionally cost effective manner.

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